The gates open up and the senses are completely lost in a superb picture… the reliefs of the terraces and the Alvarinho´s vineyard colour are part of the painting, refreshed by the waters of a stream flowing into Minho River, that delights the ear.

This is the music that invades our senses when we reached the farm where harmoniously fits Melgaço Alvarinho Houses – Agro-Turismo
Merely 4kms from the historic Village of Melgaço and a short distance from Porto airport and Vigo, Melgaço Alvarinho Houses is the result of their owners’ dreams In its genesis is the hope of reviving an architectural heritage of more than two centuries of history. And so, reborn in 2016, pre-existing functionalised house. In expansion, exudes a contemporary villa and a multifaceted cultural cellar.
There are plenty of recreational areas. The route on the farm provides moments of full involvement with the surroundings. Also, part of a terraced, is a sunny pool that almost merges into the landscape of grace that gives its shelter. Allow yourself to feel..