Exhibiting the title of “the municipality situated most north of Portugal”, Melgaço is a multiplicity of charms that cannot leave indifferent who comes here! With a history which dates back to pre-medieval period, Melgaço is separated from Galicia by Minho River, which was one of the most important guardians of Portuguese nation.

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And if in the North the Minho River nourishes the view and fertile lands of the famous Alvarinho – Melgaço Alvarinho Houses inspiration and mentor – in South is Peneda Gerês National Park which invites you to live unique moments in hidden places of rare beauty, where only the hand of Nature commands.
Visiting Melgaço is living a region full of history and stories… told on cobblestones, on ruins, fisheries and on each stone of this rich heritage which here it raises, on a bird singing, on the brook water melody or on the table and cellar of this people from an unique region, where the green (verde) domains as well as drinks.
Melgaço is genuinely like this... Impossible to be described; simply sense!