Melgaço is genuinely so … Lord “a great calm”, as well felt José Saramago, Portuguese Nobel Literature. And so it is … .

In Melgaço, calm prevails, and often dazzles ... The valleys; the hills and mountains that make up the county's landscapes are unique and rare beauty. Here there are many trails in singing and enchant us.
The waterfront, where you can enjoy the multi-coloured palette of vines planted in splendid amphitheatres and the hillside, is also mandatory walking zone. The sounds of water, the chirping of birds or the wind breeze that seems to compose music by touching the foliage of the trees, set the chords harmonizes every way.
Hiking the trails is part of the pleasures of those who love nature. Visit us and discover the tracks available in the surrounding landscapes. There are many alternatives according to your time, your preparation or the degree of difficulty.