Melgaço smoked meat, with centuries’ and traditional production is one of the standard-bearers of the county. The smoked ham is the king, particularly from the mountain villages, in Laboreiro’s land. From biological meats and smoked according craft techniques shrouded in secrecy, its flavour is unique and indescribable.

However, in addition to the smoked ham, the traditional smoked meat from Melgaço conceals other real tribute to the most refined palates. Sausages, for example, whose production is closely linked to the handmade and the rural family, are delicacies that cannot fail to enjoy.
And although the current conservation techniques enable a regular quality flue throughout the year, be sure to visit to Melgaço at the time of the Alvarinho and Smoked Meat Feast,  a nationally renowned event, which usually takes place in the spring times.