Part of a secular and single vineyard territory Melgaço shares with Monção the cradle of Alvarinho. With the name of the variety that gave it its name, the Vinho Verde Alvarinho, its organoleptic characteristics, is among the bests white wines in the world.

The Alvarinho found in our lands the perfect conditions for a unique wine. The privileged location of vineyards which enjoy a unique micro climate (with Atlantic exhibition and a climate characterized by high rainfall, atmospheric humidity, mild temperatures and low temperature range), the wisdom of our people to carefully select the best state of ripeness of the grapes as well as new technologies for fermentation allies ancestor of winemaking processes contribute to extract all the quality of the grapes arriving at wineries.

And it is at this stage that each producer prints his wine a personal nature that contributes decisively to a greater diversity of the universe of Melgaço Alvarinho wines. The result, unique characteristic distinguish the Alvarinho wine from other Vinho Verde. Its structure, its particular features and its higher alcohol content (between 11 and 14) makes it a fresh taste of wine, citrus colour and delicate aroma.

How to Drink it

Unique in the world, the most of Alvarinho wines are consumed at a young age, highlighting all the freshness and the character of the caste.

Given their qualities, this wonderful nectar required to be drunk fresh, at a temperature between 10º and 12º C. It should be cooled slowly to retain the flavour and served preferably "frappe" with open bottle twenty to thirty minutes before being consumed. Excellent for aperitif, goes very well with seafood and fish intense flavour or fatty fish baked in the oven.

The producers in the region recommend that their wines should be accompanied by delicious local products, good traditional smokehouse, the lamb from the mountain, Shad marinated or fried, grilled salmon and grilled dry lamprey or fried with eggs.

Source: Municipality of Melgaço