Melgaço is indispensable stop destination for lovers of food and wine.

The traditional cuisine of the region is simple but unique flavours, dominated by the harmonious fusion between the products of the region and ways of typical traditional cooking.
Do not miss the coveted Goat Roast in the oven, the Lamprey, in its many forms and delicious cooking (with bordalesa rice, fried with eggs or roasted), the muffled Trout from Minho River, the Sarrabulho, the Grelos with Rojões, the Bola na Frigideira, the Bolo da Pedra, the Água d'unto the Bucho Doce, the Migas Doces or Pastéis Mimosos.
And of course, join its peculiar smoked ham, pink-reddish colour from Fiães and Castro Laboreiro, and various smoked meat sausages, accompanied with an Alvarinho wine, and we guarantee you the ideal conditions for a masterful meal which you will not forget. As for restaurants, they are varied and of great quality. Discover its flavours.